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Ľubomír M.

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anamnesis: postoperative condition


"I underwent a one-day procedure under full anesthesia. After being released from the hospital, I felt a little tired and basically felt like everything was fine. The surgical wound only hurt a little. However, according to the statements of people who know me, I looked terrible. Upon arrival at the Skenar Klinika, they provided me with a place to rest in a quiet room, where I immediately fell asleep in a magnetic/energetic blanket. About an hour and a half later, I woke up and felt pain in all my muscles, like I had a muscle cramp. When I swallowed, my throat hurt like an inflammation. I was very tired. As I later learned, this was the real state of my body after anesthesia. I am grateful for the experience with the magnetic blanket, which significantly accelerated the whole process after the surgical treatment, because from this moment on, my health condition only improved. Over the next two days, I had 3 scenar therapy treatments, after which I felt as if I had not had any surgery and was able to function normally thanks to this treatment. A week after the procedure, I can state that the surgical wounds are almost healed, I don't feel them at all and the body is fully recovered."

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