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Alexandra H. - 32 years old

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medical history: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Seven years ago, the progressive disease MND (ALS) sneaked into my life. And since classical medicine has no answers in this area, people logically reach for alternative methods of treatment. And one such (key for me) is Scenar therapy. For the last 2 years I have been bedridden, I am kept alive by rare devices and of course my devoted parents. However, in the last year, my hope and faith in recovery was supported by the Scenar therapy, which came "accidentally" into my path, and for which I am extremely grateful. During that year, changes happened in my body and in my mind, and that’s what is important in chronic diseases. Changing stereotypes, trying and persevering, even if it is sometimes extremely difficult.

​When they came to me from the Skenar clinic for the first time in July 2022, I hoped that despite my poor health and outwardly hopeless appearance, they would somehow give me a helping hand and I would be able to try something new, unknown. The results of the first diagnosis said that the limp body WANTS and is ready. And so we embarked on this challenge. After a year, not only is the color and structure of the skin different, but the body fills out in some places, visibly and tangibly. For the body, this renewal of nerve fibers is a demanding and unusual process, so all we have to do is patiently devote ourselves to it and look forward to the new observed changes. 🙂

To tell the truth, I went through different phases during that year, because the skenar does not suppress the symptoms of the disease, but "brings to the surface" what is wrong in the body and corrects, restores, brings it to a natural balance. And this process is sometimes accompanied by unpleasant conditions and reactions of the body, depending on the state of health and the problem. At the beginning, there were sharp improvements in my motor skills, but in the next phase, at the end of the year, when the body was detoxified through mucus removal, these were the most difficult moments in my life, but I was warned in advance that they could happen. However, it is a sign that the therapy is working and the "reboot" process has begun. After this phase, there was another improvement in some areas and currently, again after another "batch" of methods focused on the hormonal system, positive changes are occurring in the motor and musculature.

For cases where acute help is needed, we purchased a small home scanner device. This device has always helped us in times of need, as well as Dr. Saba's instructions. The scanner can really help with anything, from minor burns and herpes, to back pain, headaches, to colds and suffocation, as in my critical case.

I consider it a great little technological miracle that is ready to help when the body, mind and soul are ready to receive that help. I am very grateful to have met and experienced this therapy and I am looking forward to the next journey in cooperation with her!

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