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FITMAMA harmony physio program

It is a therapeutic-exercise program for women compiled as a basis for learning about the functionality of one's own body movement and movement habits.

The goal of the program is to eliminate the causes of the problem, not just temporary relief. it uses the straightening of the spine and the activation of the muscle groups that support the spine to start the auto-generative process. It looks at the body as a complex system where everything is related to everyone.

Fitmama programs:

  • Fitmama 1 - after giving birth to get in shape, the program is aimed at rehabilitating and activating the deep abdominal muscles that remain after each birth, the so-called "off".​

  • Fitmama 2 - activated body, in the continuing program we will apply everything to movement habits - how to stand, sit, walk.​

  • Fitmama "tehuľka" - a program for pregnant mothers who want to actively prepare for their big day.​

Therapist: Lucia Mensák Ďuraková

Price: initial consultation 80,- EUR

             exercise 60,- EUR

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