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Male - 49 years old

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Medical history: hip pain

"I visited the Skenar clinic for the first time in 2020. After two vaccinations against covid and strong antibiotics against borreliosis, my right hip joint went away. After treatment by an orthopedist, my condition partially improved. However, I couldn't start recreational sports again and I had problems in everyday life as well. On the recommendation of a long-time friend, I decided to try treatment at the Skenar clinic. I had little information about the treatment method. All my embarrassment disappeared after the first diagnosis. For the first time in my life, the doctor had an hour-long conversation with me, during which she was really interested in everything. After the measurements, she then evaluated the situation and set up therapy. After about 3,5 months I started running again and all other limitations disappeared. After six months, I completed further maintenance therapies. I suddenly had a completely new energy for life and work."

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