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Olga S. - 51 years old


Olga overcame acute inflammation of the thyroid gland - subacute thyroiditis.


MUDr. Natália Sabová: "She has been receiving preventive treatment at home since she was 44 years old. In November 2019, according to Nakatani diagnostics, we found insufficient activity of the thyroid gland, which was also confirmed by laboratory results:"


​Olga: "I have many years of experience with Scenar. First he helped, and actually still helps, my husband with a neurological disease, and then several times also me with minor health problems. I saw with my own eyes and felt several times with my own skin that the scenar really heals.


I took several courses and started using HomeScenar as a regular part of home treatment practically for anything. I used it for the flu instead of Paralen, for insect bites instead of Fenistil gel, for sprained ankles, abrasions, migraines, etc. Therefore, it was an obvious choice for me to ask MUDr. Natália Sabová for help when I started to feel really sick and the doctors diagnosed me with inflammation of the thyroid gland.


In addition to fatigue, a swollen and painful gland, I was sweating profusely, short of breath, my heart was pounding like an alarm, and for several weeks I had a constantly elevated temperature, often 38 °C or more, my whole body ached like a flu. I started to lose weight quickly and would just sleep all day.


I passed several laboratory tests and was recommended to see an endocrinologist. Meanwhile, MUDr. Sabová and her team at the Skenar clinic started intensive therapy. She welcomed my decision to see an endocrinologist, she only advised me not to take any tablets to reduce the temperature unless it was close to 39 °C. This would weaken the body's natural immune response to inflammation, the main symptom of which is precisely higher temperatures. There was a visit to the endocrinologist, who performed an ultrasound examination and confirmed the diagnosis of subacute thyroiditis.


She was very thorough, professional and showed genuine concern for my health and desire to help. She put me on high-dose Acylpyrine, 3-4 tablets a day, and a medicine to reduce heart rate. The doctor urged me to follow the dosage, because otherwise the inflammation will spread and she will have to use corticoids, even if she doesn't like it very much, and in the worst case scenario I will have to take artificial hormones for life. 

I admit that it scared me quite a bit. Plus, I come from a medical family, so I've heard the same urgent and well-intentioned please from all sides. I waged a very intense inner struggle "to take or not to take", and finally I succumbed. I was afraid. What if the Scenar wasn't enough this time? So I took Acylpyrin for a whole day. The temperature was dropping quickly, and with it, my remorse that while my body was doing its best, I was sabotaging its efforts. In addition, during the night I had severe stomach pains and wanted to vomit. In the morning, I decided that I was giving up on Acylpyrin, that it was not worth complicating the treatment with an even more upset stomach.


I honestly confessed to the Skenar clinic MUDr. Sabova. Although we have known each other for a long time, I still kind of expected reproaches. However, I was only met with understanding and Scenar therapy went on. And with an endocrinology check-up, the laboratory results confirmed that I had made the right decision. All the parameters started to return to normal and I started to feel much better.


Now my energy is starting to come back, the temperature has subsided, the pain has disappeared. And all this without anti-inflammatory medication. The next endocrinology check-up awaits me soon, I look forward to confirming that everything is as it should be again. I am a person who, although like to use alternative treatment methods, often cannot get rid of the habitual need to confront objective facts. For peace of mind.


That's why I'm very happy that I was able to freely choose the type of therapy that I believe in, and at the same time banish my doubts like "what if...?" and verify the effect of the treatment with an objective laboratory analysis. I think that's how it should always work in practice. Thank you so much to all the amazing Scenar therapists for the tremendous help and support."

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