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Petra S. - 24 years old

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medical history: persistent lower back pain, cutting


At the Skenar clinic, they helped me cure long-lasting lower back pain. I am a young person who actively do sports and exercises. Unfortunately, when exercising with heavier weights, my lower back started to hurt. I didn't deal with it for a while because I hoped it would go away on its own. However, the pain was long-lasting, sometimes more intense, sometimes less. I went to see my general doctor - she didn't even take me in, her nurse just gave me the names of the medicaments written on a note. I was disappointed because I didn't imagine solving my problem like this. I didn't want to just take medicine and suppress the pain, which could come back later and in a much worse form.

So I decided on the scenar therapy - in my case, 3 therapies were enough (however, it is individual). After the second therapy, I was too motivated (I already felt fit) and did more difficult physical activity. The next day, my lower back hurt and I couldn't even walk properly. I went to the Skenar clinic where they relieved my pain locally. Over the next few days, the pain eased until I felt nothing. This is exactly how scenar therapy works - the healing cycle goes through the pain, which is good because the area actually heals. After each of the therapies, my body somehow reacted - I felt relaxed, it helped me move the digestive and urinary systems, washed away bad emotions and helped me accept the given situation.

Upon recommendation, after the scenar therapy, I also tried the BMC® somatic movement approach, where it was as if I learned all over again how to walk properly, what body position to have when sitting, exercising, and how to strengthen the internal abdominal muscles, which were previously weakened.
I would like to thank the Skenar clinic team very much, they did a great job and their individual and kind approach is priceless. 🙂

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