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Raindrop massage

It is a unique and effective relaxation method, which, with its gentle approach, helps to harmonize the mind, spirit and energy centers of the body, maintain the important balance of the immune and nervous systems, relieve tension caused by stress or physical exhaustion, and deeply affect the spine and the entire support system.


This original aromatherapy and non-invasive technique was developed in 1989 by D. Gary Young, known for his many years of research in the field of essential oils. He thus connected the life-giving power of essences with the special Vita Flex massage technique on the reflex points of the feet and at the same time with a gentle massage on the back called eflerage, inspired by the wisdom of the Lakota Indians.


Based on his rich experience and knowledge of the beneficial effects of plants, D. Gary Young has chosen 9 Young Living essential oils of the highest quality and purity for the Raindrop technique, each of which has its own significance in the application due to its unique properties. The mutual action of the individual oils applied using the exact procedure allows you to fully feel the intense touch of nature and to take away an unforgettable experience.

Therapist: MUDr. Jarmila Hycláková

Price: 80,-EUR

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