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Alexandra Sabová


My message:

"Don't expect miracles by waiting, after all, your problem that you want to cure did not appear overnight, but was built up in your body while you ignored certain symptoms. Just trust the process, work on yourself, and change will surely come."

Alexandra Sabová

  • Scenar therapist

  • Lecturer of Skenar Akademia Slovensko

  • Bowen massage for horses

Scenar therapy:

"Scenar therapy is a more developed type of electrotherapy, which uses electrical impulses to trigger chemical reactions in the body that balance organs and their functions and individual systems (lymphatic, hormonal, metabolic,...) of the body.

In Scenar therapy, we do not treat the disease, but what caused it. When we solve what causes the disease, we get rid of the disease altogether. Compared to classic electrotherapy, the impulse of the Scenar is much easier to read for our body, because it is very similar to the pulse of the heart. The body does not get used to it, because the length and frequency of the impulse changes each time according to the speed of the body's response to the impulse (skin resistance), so compared to classic electrotherapy where the pulse is unchanging, the body is always on the alert and has to read a new message/impulse every time. It is also specific that we approach each patient individually, we do not group patients and do not determine how far they can move healthily - their body is the only element that determines how quickly a person can recover. What I personally enjoy most is that you can really help everyone, if not cure them completely. The patient can always be helped to feel healthy. Furthermore, it is fascinating how individuals have completely different reactions to the same methods despite the fact that almost everyone's body is built the same at birth. In scenar therapy, we try to start the organism, to wake it up so that it can work independently with itself."

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