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Monika V.


Monika was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, metastases in the armpit. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. However, after about a year and a half, her cancer returned...

Male - 49 years old


​All my embarrassment disappeared after the first diagnosis. For the first time in my life, the doctor had an hour-long conversation with me, during which she was really interested in everything...

Alexandra H. - 32 years old


​7 years ago, the progressive disease MND (ALS) quietly crept into Alexandra's life. And since classical medicine has no answers in this area, people logically reach for alternative methods of treatment.

Teodor H. - 3 years old


​Now Teodor is three years old, he can do a lot of activities, he is learning to walk on his own, and his whole organism indicates that he is waiting for a full recovery. For the first two years before we came here, we tried different treatments, and the progress was very slow...

Ľubomír M.


​Ľubomír underwent a one-day procedure under full anesthesia.

In the time of two days, he underwent 3 scenar therapy treatments, after which he felt as if he had not undergone any surgery and was able to function normally thanks to this treatment...



​Lucia's friend slammed 3 fingers into the car door. She immediately applied the scenar to her oppositely bent fingers and cuts. During about 10 minutes of treatment, we saw with our own eyes how the fingers straightened out and the cuts stopped bleeding...

​Rebirthing technique


​It is a form of meditation that takes you to places you have in your consciousness. These are experiences from childhood, adolescence, motherhood that are not processed and cause old age and anxiety, various inexplicable reactions...

Petra S. - 24 years old


​This is exactly how scenar therapy works - the healing cycle goes through the pain, which is good because the area actually heals. After each of the therapies, my body somehow reacted - I felt relaxed...



Monika tore her Achilles during the chase. She was immediately treated with Scenar on the spot. In the evening, she went to the emergency room, where the doctors, after an examination, said that they had never seen a torn tendon so close to...

Emma Saskia - 4 months


​Emka Saskia has a congenital genetic syndrome - receiving food through a nasogastric tube.

She was treated for the first time at the Skenar clinic in 4 months, when she completed a cycle of 5 therapies, after which the probe was removed and Emka started...

Chlapec - 10 years old


​Janko has congenital muscular dystrophy FSHD type 1, he has a difficult and compensatory gait, a disorder moderate hearing in the left ear. He started treatment at the Skenar clinic at the age of 10...

Olga S. - 51 years old


​Olga overcame acute inflammation of the thyroid gland - subacute thyroiditis. She has been undergoing preventive treatment at home with a scenar since she was 44 years old. In November 2019, according to Nakatani diagnostics, we...

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