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Medical examination

Medical examination and Nakatani diagnostic


It is an examination by a specialist doctor using the knowledge of classical medicine, the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine and the Japanese diagnostics of Dr. Nakatani.


This holistic approach will help the patient find the cause of diseases that classical medicine is often unable to diagnose, because they are mostly functional disorders, disturbed communication between individual organs (adaptation disorder) or a disturbance of the sympathetic-parasympathetic system, often called neurovegetative dystonia or psychosomatic diseases.


With diagnostics, we can find out whether it is acute inflammation or the activation of chronic inflammation and whether we have to use classical treatment. We can monitor acute inflammation with repeated diagnostics, we will find out whether the body can manage the inflammation on its own or if it needs to be supported by scenar therapy, other therapy or even supportive medication.


Diagnostics can also be done preventively, because it can reveal hidden diseases, predispositions, your Achilles tendons, which if you know about them in time, you can work with them and prevent the development of the disease. Medical examination includes consultation, treatment recommendation and therapy.

Doctors: MUDr. Natalia Sabová, MUDr. Jarmila Hycláková


180,-EUR / Medical examination

The diagnostic was created by Japanese doctor Yoshio Nakatani, who used 24 acupuncture points from traditional Chinese medicine to measure.


By measuring these points, we will find out how the body's metabolism works, the psycho-emotional level and whether depressive or stress reactions prevail in the body, whether the body is in alkalosis or acidosis.


We can create a graph of individual meridians and from that assess how adaptation works - cooperation between individual organs, whether there is a functional or already organic disorder, that needs to be further investigated using the methods of classical medicine, or whether the treatment of classical medicine is well set (e.g. for hypertension, diabetes, asthma...)


This method helps to provide the doctor with an objective view of the patient's condition, the method of treatment and helps us control how the body reacts to the treatment.

  • Diagnostics and consultation takes about 2 hours.

  • 2 hours before the examination, do not eat or drink coffee or tea, do not shower, and only wash your hands up to the wrist.

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