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Scenar therapy


Scenar therapy

​Scenar therapy is a type of modern electrotherapy. It is an in-depth targeted and comprehensive therapy. It works in the depth of the cell, which can be stimulated to reassemble itself through targeted training - it changes automated patterns of behavior, or functioning, stereotypes and bad habits. Like any electrotherapy, it also has a local short-term and pain-relieving effect, for example, in the case of pain in the spine, bones, joints, muscles, or tendons.

The methods and procedures in scenar therapy act on a person's parasympathetic and sympathetic system and train their adaptation and immune system.

It is a natural method of treatment without side effects:

  • it can be used preventively

  • it can significantly shorten the healing time

  • it can be used in synergy and cooperation with classical medicine (including drug medicines) and makes the effectiveness of classical medicine therapy more effective and reduces the side effects of medicines (e.g. in cancer treatment and chemotherapy)


Doctors and therapists: MUDr. Natália Sabová, MUDr. Jarmila Hycláková, Michala Somorovská, Alexandra Sabová, Michal Sabo, Lucia Kuna Demeterová, Daniela Morongová, Zuzana Gorčíková, Katarína Kollerová

Price: 100,-EUR 

​First aid for children and adults

​Acute pains, inflammations, injuries and other problems.

Treatment of COVID patients at home.

​Immune support, prevention, regeneration

​To support immunity, prevention and regeneration, additional treatment after operations and for oncological diseases, follow-up treatment after overcoming COVID.

​Healthy development of a newborn

​Family therapy and psychosomatics, autoimmune and genetic diseases, reproductive and pregnancy support.

​S - self - impulse in the device is similar to impulses of nerve fibers, through which the nervous system communicates with all organs in the body and maintains the homeostasis of chemical reactions. Impulse triggers self-healing.

C – controlled – a communicative form of electrotherapy, which does not cause addiction to the impulse, because the impulse constantly changes dynamically according to the body's response.

E - energo - electro - the electrical impulse does not pass through the body, because the cathode and anode are right next to each other. The trigger for the reaction in the body is an electromagnetic wave.

N - neuro - a network of nerve fibers that ensure proper communication between the brain as a control center and the organs as executive centers. As one of the few electrical devices, it affects the autoregulatory nervous system - sympathetic and parasympathetic
system. The scenar impulse triggers parasympathetic responses.

A - adaptive - we do not treat a specific disease with the scenar impulse, we restore the disturbed communication between the brain and the organs with the impulse. Adjustment occurs in the metabolic, immune, hormonal, neuro-vegetative and psycho-emotional reactions. With the scenar, we train our adaptation like our muscles in the gym, so that we can adapt to all our demands that arise in our body and in our life. Adaptation becomes flexible and does not allow us to get into degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

R - regulator - the impulse does not stimulate adaptation to performance, it triggers the body's own reactions, sometimes accelerated, sometimes slowed down. The organism reaches a natural chemical balance, psycho-emotional well-being and natural physical performance. The human body and the human being becomes one. Then the organism can very quickly recognize and subsequently adjust all the resulting imbalances, diseases and experienced psychological tensions and live sensitively towards itself and the environment.



The scenar is placed on the skin and it is gently massaged according to the seven basic principles of the scenar therapy - dynamic healing. The second method is numerical treatment - it is the measurement of the organism's reaction to scenar impulse. This value is then used to create an individual working algorithm for the organism. The device activates receptors and all types of nerve fibers in the subcutaneous tissue. From the subcutaneous tissue, the impulse is led to the relevant center of the brain. Here, the information is processed and a correction signal is sent back to the relevant areas with subsequent exclusion of neuropeptides (hundreds to thousands of molecules). Treatment with the device leads to the modification of local and overall chemical reactions of cells with subsequent modification of their function, i.e. leads to the process of self-healing.

Method of treatment

We do not diagnose diseases with the scenar, but we always treat the patient's subjective problem "here and now" and according to the reaction of his organism, we choose an appropriate method of treatment in the local, symmetrical or reciprocal zone, or we combine the zones. According to the reaction of the body, we will choose the appropriate setting of the device and the method of treatment - application (dynamic or numeric).


Scenar therapy belongs to reflexive methodologies and was developed in the 80s of the last century in the Russian city of Taganrog under the guidance of prof. of neurology Alexander Revenko et al. for the purpose of treating cosmonauts in space. In the 21st century, this method of treatment spread to the countries of the EU, America, Australia and Africa. It has been practiced in Slovakia since 2002.

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