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skenar klinika
nakatani diagnostika
skenar terapia
Medical examination

​Examination by a specialist doctor supplemented with Nakatani diagnostic. Determining the functionality of individual organs through the biologically active points.

Consultations, treatment and therapy recommendations.

Scenar Therapy

A modern type of electrotherapy - activation of the nerve arc,

change of stereotyped chemical reactions, initiation of internal adaptation of the organism.

Immunity training.

Other therapies

Touch and movement therapies: Bowen massage, Body-Mind Centering® therapy, Rain drop massage, FITMAMA exercise, Rebirthing breathing technique

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Skenar klinika

Modern clinic for the whole family. 
A project of combining different approaches in healing.

Support us with your 2% of taxes

​We will use your 2% of taxes to organize our family projects for families with sick children, Skenar Záhrada, to support the education of therapists and families at the Skenar akademia Slovensko, and for education and lectures at the Skenar klinika about health and new treatment approaches.


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What's the future of healing?

SCENAR as another hope

Watch the latest interview with MUDr. Natália Sabová.

First aid for children and adults
First aid for children and adults

Acute pain, inflammation, injuries, and other discomfort. Treatment of COVID patients at their home. 

Support of the immune system, prevention, regeneration
Support of the immune system, prevention, regeneration

To support the immune system, prevention and regeneration, additional treatment after operations and in oncological diseases, post treatment after overcoming COVID-19.

Healthy development of a newborn
Healthy development of a newborn

Family therapy and psychosomatic, autoimmune and genetic diseases, fertility treatments, and health support throughout pregnancy.

OPENING HOURS:  Mon - Fri  8:00 - 19:00 (according to orders)

                                   Mon – Thu  9:00 - 12:00 (appointment reservations)

Treatment at home (by agreement)

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