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Ing. Daniela Morongová


Ing. Daniela Morongová

  • Scenar therapist 

  • Metamorphic technique

Scenar therapy:

"Scenar therapy is treatment here and now, which harmonizes the body according to its own needs and possibilities. It is unique in its individual approach to the client and it is a tailor-made therapy - it will only do what the body (person) needs at the moment, e.g. when we are tired it induces a feeling of sleep. The scenar can beautifully create a feeling of happiness, stimulate the body, and when some disease "climbs" upon us, after a few therapies, me and my family can be fit right away. It is my wonderful companion and I carry it with me everywhere. It's wonderful if we can help each other in life, because only we are the makers of our own happiness."

My message: 

"I take Scenar in life as my way to help my family and other people."

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