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MUDr. Jarmila Hycláková


MUDr. Jarmila Hycláková

  • ​Internal physician

  • Scenar therapist

  • Lecturer Skenar Akademia Slovensko

  • Raindrop massage

  • Su-jok therapy, acupressure, homeopathy

Scenar therapy:

"Scenar therapy, when used correctly, quickly and effectively helps in acute conditions (pain, inflammation, trauma...) and awakens our very capable internal physician to active and effective self-healing activity, which can gradually lead to permanent healing, depending on internal reserves man and the reversibility of his diseases. It is free of side effects and unwanted effects, of course detoxification and cleansing reactions occur in the healing process, which are, however, a necessary part of the treatment and are welcome. It is about (real) healing, where a person takes responsibility for himself, listens to his body, its signals and becomes its good friend."

My message:

"We live a conscious life. Let's be ourselves. Let's get to know our essence and find the answers within ourselves. Let's be considerate and kind to ourselves, to others and to nature."

​Medical education and practice:

  • 1992: obtained MD, Charles University Prague, Faculty of General Medicine

  • 1996: 1st degree certification in the field of internal medicine, University of Bratislava

  • 1992 - 1996: internal department, NSP Left

  • 1996 - 2001: Specialized hospital for lung diseases, Kvetnica


Additional education:​

  • 2005: basic course of acupressure, BIOREG

  • 2006: basic seminar scenar therapy under the guidance of MUDr. N.A. Lojko

  • 2007: follow-up scenar therapy seminar led by MUDr. N.A. Lojko

  • 2007: educational seminar Methodology of therapy of autoimmune diseases, Elementa - Institute for research and education

  • 2010: obtained a diploma in clinical homeopathy and homeopathic therapy - CEDH

  • 2011: received diploma SU-JOK THERAPY I + II, International Su Jok and Acupuncture Therapy Association

  • 2016: Theoretical and practical training at the master's level - Scenar Diagnostika 5 under the guidance of Prof. A. Revenko and MUDr. N. Sabová

  • 2018: Touch for Health I seminar, International Kinesiology College

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