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Michal Sabo


Michal Sabo

  • Scenar therapist

  • Lecturer Skenar Akademia Slovensko

  • Training for children Scenar and BMC®

Scenar therapy:

"Scenar therapy allows us to start the entire system of a person or an animal, with the help of which we can solve and cure a given problem or disease. The scenar has a gift that no other medical device has. This gift of the scenar allows healing with our own body, without any unnatural things. Everything around us is evolving, including us. Therefore, development is essential for survival. Even the scenar itself is developing and improving every day. The scenar never stays at one place or level, which is why working with the scenar is fulfilling and fun for me."

My message: 

"The scenar is not painful, but the truth it shows sometimes can be. The only way to healing is to accept the truth and walk through it with humility, calmness and courage."

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