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Mgr. Michala Somorovská


Mgr. Michala Somorovská

  • Manager of SKENAR KLINIKA

  • Scenar therapist

  • Craniosacral osteopathy, sports trainer, family seminars OZ Skenar Záhrada

Scenar therapy:

"Scenar therapy is the help that returned me to my path from which I deviated. It's help that I'm always happy to receive, because then I can adapt faster and faster and I have time to live creatively, present and without fear. What I like about it, is the fact that it is a treatment that does not manipulate, because the body takes exactly as much as it allows."

My message:

"Skenar Klinika is suppose to be a place of new medicine - understanding and moving forward, a place of cooperation and creation - there is not only one miracle therapy, there is a miracle communication that combines different approaches and chooses the one that is desirable for the given moment. I wish to create such a space for us."

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