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Boy - 10 years old


The boy has congenital muscular dystrophy FSHD type 1 - difficult and compensatory walking, moderate hearing impairment in the left ear.



MUDr. Natália Sabová: "He completed the first cycle of 6 therapies twice a week at the clinic. During the treatment, he developed many detoxification and neuro-vegetative reactions - insatiable hunger, thirst, sweating during sleep, increased temperature, fatigue, weakness, diarrhea, itching of the skin and frequent urination. After the therapies, we can see that he walks easier and more smoothly, he falls less often, his cervical spine stopped hurting completely and he started eating vegetables. During the two-month break from scenar therapy, he underwent BMC® movement therapy. We are planning the next cycle of therapy in April 2021, we will be surprised by which new functions will appear in the body :)."

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