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Emma Saskia - 4 months


​Emka Saskia has a congenital genetic syndrome and was still receiving food through a nasogastric tube at 4 months.


MUDr. Natália Sabová: "She was treated with the scenar for the first time in her 4th month, when she completed a cycle of 5 therapies, after which the tube was removed and Emka began to eat on her own (from 10 ml to 90 ml of milk at one feeding). During the break, we did 4 individual therapies to manage the activation reactions. After each one, new skills appeared - sticking out her tongue, grabbing her ears. Overall, Emka started to grow, new motor functions appeared, eye and social contact improved. After sonography of the brain, the neurologist confirmed the development of brain tissue."

​Mom: "Miracle or modern medicine... it's hard to find words of gratitude and happiness when we discovered Skenar Kinika and MUDr. Sabova. Finally, in despair, I saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel and began to believe in the recovery of my little girl.

Our daughter Emka Saskia gained very little weight since birth. The highlight was that in two months she gained 100g within two weeks, which was a big shock and we were urgently hospitalized at Kramáre hospital on suspicion of organ failure.

We stayed there for 10 days, during which all possible tests were done, just to find out where the problem of her slow growth, weight gain and huge digestion issues is. Emka Saskia cried every two hours, she had terrible cramps, pain, her stomach was like a balloon.

Slow growth and a problem with food intake were genetically confirmed. Therefore, the doctors assessed that it would be best to change the milk to hypoallergenic (even if the milk allergy was not confirmed) and to introduce a gastric tube for feeding. It was very very difficult and also dangerous. The probe led from her nose to her stomach. I fed my daughter every two hours, first through a bottle as much as she drank, and then through the tube just to gain as much weight as possible. Every night I prayed that I wouldn't make a mistake in my half-asleep and tiredness, which would cost her life and she could suffocate.

Emka Saskia finally gained weight, but remained completely dependent on the tube and drank only 10 ml from the bottle, the rest of the milk went through the tube. I was desperate and didn't know what to do next, so she could be normally fed through her mouth. I learned that the probe is an addiction and the next step is to insert the tube directly into the stomach. I could not imagine that they would make a "hole" in my little girl's stomach, that I would feed her through that tube and for how long???

Emka Saskia had a gastric tube for 2 months instead of two weeks and drank only 10 ml of milk by mouth when, on the recommendation of our pediatrician MUDr. Hrachová Julka to visit the Skenar Klinika. 

After several therapies with the wonderful and kind MUDr. Sabova she started eating by herself! We got rid of the tube that led through the nose into the stomach, through which she received milk. It was not easy, but with the help of MUDr. Sabova and her team, we made it. My daughter is drinking from a bottle and eating her first food with a spoon, and not only that... she is also progressing physically and mentally and she is beautiful, smiling, happy baby.

A big THANK YOU! 🤱🏼

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