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Lucia Mensák Ďuráková


Lucia Mensák Ďurákova

  • ​Fitmama trainer

  • Health exercise trainer

  • Movement therapist and physio-trainer for women

​Lucia is a movement therapist who guides women through the process of healing and revitalizing their body after childbirth, with the aim of reactivating it so that it functions as fully as possible. At the same time, it is devoted to the prevention of postpartum difficulties (incontinence, diastasis, distended abdomen, etc.) and damage to the locomotor system (movement habits and patterns, ergonomic work environment, handling of the baby, etc.).


Lucia has had 4 births, two of them at home. In addition to household and parenting duties, she mainly cares for mothers who have recently given birth, or whose last birth was a few years ago. In her comprehensive Physio program Fitmama, Lucia mainly guides clients to learn how to properly control their muscles of the deep stabilization system (CORE) and to restore their body's natural movement patterns.

​My message:

"I exercise to enjoy life and I use life to exercise."

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