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Rebirthing technique

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Breath is like a detector of sore spots in our consciousness. I had no idea I had them. That certain circumstances affected my life so much that it prevented me from living a full life. Guided breath therapy uncovers these places and addresses them. Whether you want to or not. The best part is that you heal yourself. The therapist just checks your breathing. Your wise body helps you in this, reveals, understands and heals. It is one of the best and most reliable forms of mental hygiene I have experienced.



It is a form of meditation that takes you to places you have in your mind. These are experiences from childhood, adolescence, motherhood that are not processed and cause fears and anxieties, various inexplicable reactions. I would never figure out what I haven't processed. With the breath, it's as if sore spots from the timeline surface to be recognized and healed. This demanding breath slowly turns into automatic breathing, and a person feels that someone is breathing for him. And that is the moment when we see everything unresolved in front of us like a movie. Sometimes it is not pleasant, but there is always a solution and a reward - a huge relief. As if a stone fell from our heart, as if the body came alive.

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