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Teodor H. - 3 years old

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medical history: slowed psychosomatic development


Mom: "Skenar clinic is truly a miraculous place for me, where I found myself with my then two-year-old son, who could neither sit up nor move on his own. Now he is three years old, he can do a lot of activities, he is learning to walk on his own, and his whole organism indicates that he is waiting for a complete recovery. For the first two years before we came here, we tried different treatments, and the progress was very slow. The clinic surprised us with everything - wonderful diagnostics, a warm, kind approach and a professional method of treatment at a high level. Our little boy literally came alive before our eyes and changed after each treatment. We were also helped by the BMC® exercise with Saška, which my son liked very much. We like this place very much, and the clinic has earned our trust. We received incredible support from all the therapists here and real results." Thank you :)

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