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​Healthy development of a newborn


​For the healthy development of newborns. Family therapy and psychosomatics, autoimmune and genetic diseases, reproductive and pregnancy support.

  • Functional infertility in women and men, slowing of sperm and chronic prostatitis

  • The possibility of treating women throughout pregnancy, back pain, digestive problems, late gestosis - preeclampsia, correction of hormonal imbalances during pregnancy

  • The possibility of assisting in carrying and inducing a contraction

  • Postpartum treatment of mother and newborn, preventive establishment of individual chemical balance in newborns and prevention of the development of hidden diseases, family predisposition

  • Postpartum traumas - lactational psychoses, consequences of lack of oxygen and various other musculoskeletal and neurological traumas during complicated childbirth

  • Support for the natural development of premature babies

  • Improving the quality of life in BMD, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, microcephaly, congenital genetic syndromes - Down's syndrome

  • Correct development of the musculoskeletal system, scoliosis

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